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The 500-901 is a certification exam designed for individuals who are interested in becoming Cisco-certified data center unified computing infrastructure designers. The exam tests the candidate's knowledge and understanding of data center computing infrastructure design principles, architecture, and deployment models using Cisco technologies.
The 500-901 exam covers a broad range of topics related to data center infrastructure design, including server virtualization, network and storage infrastructure, data center automation, and security.
Passing the 500-901 exam demonstrates a candidate's expertise in designing Cisco data center unified computing infrastructures that meet business requirements. This certification is highly considered in the industry and can help professionals advance their careers in data center design, implementation, and support.
These courses cover all the topics included in the exam and provide hands-on experience with Cisco technologies used in data center computing infrastructure design.
In summary, the 500-901 Exam is a valuable certification for individuals seeking to demonstrate their expertise in designing data center infrastructures using Cisco technologies. Passing this exam can help candidates advance their careers and open up new opportunities in data center design and implementation.