Question and Answer: 95

The 71200X Exam is a certification exam that tests individuals' knowledge and skills in integrating the core components of the Avaya Aura® platform. This exam is designed for professionals who work with Avaya Aura® and want to demonstrate their expertise in integrating the various components of the platform.
The Avaya Aura® platform is a unified communications and collaboration solution that enables businesses to streamline their communication channels, increase productivity, and enhance customer experience. The platform includes a range of components, such as Session Manager, Communication Manager, System Manager, and Application Enablement Services, that work together to deliver a comprehensive solution.
The 71200X exam covers topics such as the installation and configuration of Avaya Aura® components, the integration of Session Manager and Communication Manager, the implementation of System Manager, and the deployment of Application Enablement Services.
Upon passing the 71200X exam, they will demonstrate their ability to integrate the core components of the Avaya Aura® platform, which will enhance their credibility as an Avaya Aura® professional. This certification will also open up new opportunities for career advancement and enable them to take on more challenging roles in the field of unified communications and collaboration.