Question and Answer: 70

The C1000-004 Exam is designed for professionals who want to validate their expertise in developing applications using IBM Cúram Social Program Management (SPM) V7.X technology. This certification exam measures the candidate's ability to design, develop, and deploy applications that meet the requirements of social program management.
The C1000-004 exam covers a range of topics, including IBM Cúram architecture, data modeling, business rules, application development, testing, deployment, and integration.
Professionals who pass the C1000-004 exam will be able to design and implement applications that effectively manage social program data, automate business processes, and provide better services to citizens. They will have a deep understanding of IBM Cúram SPM V7.X technology, including the tools and techniques required to develop and deploy complex social program management solutions.
By earning C1000-004 certification, professionals can differentiate themselves in the job market and demonstrate their expertise in social program management technology. They can also join a community of IBM-certified professionals, gain access to IBM's technical resources, and advance their careers in social program management.