Question and Answer: 67

The A2090-312 is an exam designed to test the skills and knowledge of IT professionals in organizing and administering IBM DB2 11 for z/OS databases. The exam is intended for experienced DBAs and other professionals who have a deep understanding of database administration, including database design, security, backup and recovery, and performance tuning.
The A2090-312 exam covers a wide range of topics related to IBM DB2 11 for z/OS, including installation and configuration, database design and implementation, database security and access control, backup and recovery procedures, and performance tuning techniques.
Successful candidates will have demonstrated their ability to effectively manage and administer IBM DB2 11 for z/OS databases, including their ability to design, configure, and maintain highly available and secure database environments. They will also have a solid understanding of performance-tuning techniques and be able to optimize the performance of their databases to meet the needs of their organization.
Overall, the A2090-312 is an important credential for IT professionals who specialize in IBM DB2 11 for z/OS database administration, and it is highly valued by employers in the industry. Candidates who successfully pass the exam will have demonstrated their mastery of this important technology and their commitment to excellence in the field.