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The AZ-720 Exam is a certification exam that tests an individual's ability to identify and resolve connectivity issues within Microsoft Azure. This Exam is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for troubleshooting Azure connectivity issues, such as network engineers, system administrators, and cloud architects.
The AZ-720 Exam covers a range of topics related to Azure connectivity troubleshooting, including Azure Virtual Network (VNet) connectivity, ExpressRoute connectivity, hybrid networking, Network Security Groups (NSGs), and Azure Load Balancer.
Upon completion of the AZ-720 Exam, successful candidates will have proven their ability to diagnose and resolve connectivity issues in Azure environments, as well as implement best practices for optimizing network performance and security. This certification is valuable for professionals looking to advance their careers in cloud computing, as it demonstrates a high level of expertise in Azure networking.
Overall, the AZ-720 Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity Exam is an essential certification for IT professionals who are responsible for managing and maintaining Azure networks. With this certification, candidates can demonstrate their ability to effectively troubleshoot connectivity issues in Azure environments and ensure optimal performance and security for their organization's cloud infrastructure.