Question and Answer: 67

The C2070-994 is a certification exam for professionals who want to demonstrate their skills in developing solutions using IBM Datacap. IBM Datacap is a powerful document capture and processing software that enables businesses to digitize their documents and automate their document-based workflows. This exam is ideal for solution designers who work with IBM Datacap on a regular basis and want to validate their skills and knowledge in this area.
The C2070-994 exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge in various areas such as IBM Datacap architecture, data capture and processing, installation and configuration, customization and integration, and troubleshooting.
Upon passing the C2070-994 exam, candidates will demonstrate that they have the required skills to design efficient and effective document capture and processing solutions using IBM Datacap V9.0.
Overall, the C2070-994 Exam is an important certification for professionals who work with IBM Datacap and want to demonstrate their expertise in this area. It is a challenging exam that will test the candidate's knowledge in various areas and will provide them with a valuable certification that can help them advance their careers.