Question and Answer: 67

The C2090-312 Exam is a comprehensive test designed to evaluate the proficiency of professionals who manage and maintain IBM DB2 databases on IBM's mainframe operating system, z/OS. This certification exam focuses on advanced topics related to database administration, such as database performance tuning, data availability, security, backup and recovery, and high-availability solutions.
C2090-312 exam is intended for experienced DBAs who possess a deep understanding of IBM DB2 technology and its related features. Candidates who pass the C2090-312 exam will demonstrate their ability to design and manage complex database environments, implement performance optimization strategies, ensure data integrity, and troubleshoot issues related to DB2 databases running on z/OS.
Earning the C2090-312 certification is a valuable achievement for any DBA who works with IBM DB2 databases on z/OS. This certification indicates that the professional has the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage DB2 environments on IBM's mainframe operating system, making them a highly valuable candidate in the job market.