Question and Answer: 63

The C2090-320 Exam is designed to test the candidate's understanding of the basic concepts of IBM's DB2 database management system. C2090-320 exam is aimed at individuals who are new to the field of database administration and management, as well as those who are looking to expand their knowledge of DB2.
The C2090-320 exam covers a range of topics, including database design, data access, database security, and performance tuning. Candidates will be expected to have a good understanding of the underlying principles of database management, as well as practical experience working with DB2.
The C2090-320 exam is administered by IBM, and successful candidates will receive a certification that demonstrates their expertise in the domain of DB2 database management. This certification can be used to demonstrate to potential employers that the candidate has the necessary skills and knowledge to work with DB2 in a professional setting.
Overall, the C2090-320 Exam is an essential certification for anyone looking to build a profession in database administration and management and is highly recommended for anyone who is new to the field of database management.