Question and Answer: 60

The C2090-600 Exam is a certification exam that is designed to validate the expertise of database administrators who work with IBM DB2 for LUW environments. C2090-600 exam is intended for individuals who are experienced in database administration and who have a good understanding of IBM DB2 11.1 features and functionality.
The C2090-600 exam consists of multiple-choice questions and covers a range of topics, including database design and implementation, database security and compliance, performance and tuning, high availability and disaster recovery, and monitoring and troubleshooting. Candidates will be tested on their skills to perform tasks such as creating and managing databases, configuring security settings, optimizing database performance, and resolving common database issues.
C2090-600 certification can be beneficial for professionals seeking career growth in the field of database administration. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW, which is a highly sought-after skill in today's technology job market. The certification can also help individuals to gain recognition within their organization and increase their earning potential.
Passing this exam demonstrates proficiency in various aspects of database administration and can lead to career advancement opportunities.