Question and Answer: 104

The C2090-621 Exam is a certification exam designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their skills in creating reports and dashboards using IBM Cognos Analytics V11. This exam is intended for authors who have a strong understanding of the IBM Cognos Analytics platform and its various features.
The C2090-621 exam covers a variety of topics related to IBM Cognos Analytics V11, including creating and managing reports, creating and managing dashboards, creating and managing data modules, and managing content in IBM Cognos Analytics.
Individuals who pass the C2090-621 Exam will have demonstrated their proficiency in using IBM Cognos Analytics V11 to create reports and dashboards that can be used by business users to gain insights into their organization's data. C2090-621 certification is perfect for individuals who work in business intelligence, data analytics, or any other field that requires the creation of reports and dashboards.
Overall, the C2090-621 Exam is an excellent way for individuals to validate their knowledge of IBM Cognos Analytics V11 and demonstrate their proficiency in using this powerful business intelligence platform. With this certification, individuals can showcase their skills and expertise to potential employers and advance their careers in the field of data analytics.