Question and Answer: 44

The M2090-732 Exam is a certification exam designed for professionals seeking to demonstrate their expertise in selling and promoting IBM SPSS Modeler software. This exam is intended for sales representatives who are responsible for selling and promoting IBM SPSS Modeler to clients in various industries, such as banking, insurance, healthcare, and retail.
The M2090-732 exam assesses the candidate's knowledge of the features and benefits of the IBM SPSS Modeler, its integration with other IBM software products, and its applications in various industries.
Upon passing the M2090-732 exam, candidates demonstrate their proficiency in selling and promoting IBM SPSS Modeler to potential clients. They are equipped with the knowledge to understand the unique features and benefits of the software and can effectively communicate these advantages to clients in different industries. The certification also enhances the credibility of the sales representative, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to professional development.
Overall, the M2090-732 Exam is an essential certification for sales representatives seeking to promote and sell IBM SPSS Modeler. It enables them to better understand the software's features and benefits and communicate these effectively to potential clients, leading to increased sales and revenue.