Question and Answer: 92

The PEGAPCSSA86V1 exam is designed for individuals seeking to become Pega Certified Senior System Architects. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the Pega 8 platform and its applications in real-world scenarios.

The PEGAPCSSA86V1 exam covers a wide range of topics related to the Pega platform, including design patterns, case management, user interfaces, decision-making, and integration. The PEGAPCSSA86V1 exam is designed to test a candidate's ability to use the Pega platform to design and implement solutions that meet business requirements and improve overall efficiency.

The exam is divided into four sections, each covering a specific aspect of the Pega platform. These sections include:

  1. Application Design: This section covers the basic concepts and principles of application design using Pega 8.
  2. Case Management: This section covers the fundamentals of case management in Pega 8, including creating cases, defining case types, and managing case life cycles.
  3. User Interface: This section covers the creation of user interfaces in Pega 8, including designing forms, configuring dynamic layouts, and customizing the user experience.
  4. Integration: This section covers the integration of Pega 8 with other systems, including web services, databases, and third-party applications.