Question and Answer: 120

The 101-500 Exam is a comprehensive certification exam designed to assess an individual's proficiency in the fundamentals of Linux system administration. This exam is intended for individuals who have a basic understanding of Linux operating system concepts and want to pursue a career in Linux administration.
The 101-500 Exam cover topics such as system architecture, Linux installation and package management, GNU and Unix commands, devices, Linux filesystems, and basic security.
Passing this exam is a great way to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in Linux system administration, and it is recognized globally by various organizations and employers. By obtaining this certification, they can enhance their career prospects and increase their earning potential.
The 101-500 Exam is an ideal starting point for individuals who are new to Linux system administration and want to build a strong foundation in this field. This exam validates their understanding of Linux operating system concepts and helps them to acquire the skills required to become a proficient Linux system administrator.
Overall, if they are interested in pursuing a career in Linux system administration, the 101-500 Exam is a must-have certification that can help them achieve their career goals.