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The 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals Exam is a comprehensive certification exam designed to test the knowledge and understanding of individuals in the field of application delivery. This exam is targeted toward IT professionals who are responsible for designing, deploying, and managing applications in a network environment.
The 101 exam covers a wide range of topics related to application delivery, including application networking technologies, protocols, and services. It also covers topics related to load balancing, content switching, SSL offloading, and application acceleration. Additionally, the exam covers the basics of network security and the role of application delivery in ensuring the security of networked applications.
The 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals Exam is ideal for individuals who are looking to validate their knowledge of application delivery and networking technologies. It is also an excellent way for IT professionals to demonstrate their expertise in application delivery and differentiate themselves from their peers.
To prepare for this exam, candidates should have a solid understanding of networking concepts, protocols, and technologies. They should also be familiar with application delivery technologies such as load balancers, application delivery controllers, and SSL offloaders.