Question and Answer: 60

The 700-651 exam is designed to validate the expertise of professionals who want to sell Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions. The exam covers a wide range of topics related to collaboration technologies, including messaging, voice, and video conferencing, and team collaboration tools. This exam is essential for individuals who are interested in selling Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions to customers.
The 700-651 exam tests the candidate's ability to understand the customer's business needs and recommend the appropriate Cisco Collaboration Architecture solution. The exam also covers the sales process, including prospecting, qualifying, and presenting solutions to customers. The candidate will be tested on their ability to develop a strong value proposition for the customer and demonstrate how the Cisco solution will meet their business needs.
To prepare for the 700-651 exam, candidates need to have a strong understanding of Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions and technologies. They should be familiar with the various collaboration tools and their features, as well as the benefits they offer to customers.
Overall, passing the 700-651 exam is essential for anyone who wants to sell Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions. It demonstrates the candidate's expertise in the field and their ability to recommend the right solution to customers.