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The C2010-653 Exam is a comprehensive certification exam for individuals who want to validate their expertise in the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform and application development concepts. The exam is intended for software developers, technical consultants, and IT professionals who are responsible for building and deploying custom applications on the TRIRIGA platform.
The C2010-653 exam covers a broad range of topics related to the TRIRIGA platform, including system architecture, application development methodologies, database design, data modeling, workflows, and security. It also includes practical exercises and real-world scenarios to test candidates' ability to design, develop, and deploy custom applications on the platform.
Candidates who pass the C2010-653 exam will be able to demonstrate their proficiency in TRIRIGA application development and will be recognized as certified IBM TRIRIGA Application Developers. This certification can be a valuable asset for individuals seeking to advance their careers in software development, consulting, or IT management.
Overall, the C2010-653 exam provides a comprehensive overview of the platform's features and capabilities and helps candidates attain a deep understanding of the application development process.