Question and Answer: 72

The ACP-100 Exam is a highly respected certification that recognizes the skills and expertise of professionals in managing Jira instances. Jira is a powerful tool used by organizations for project management, issue tracking, and collaboration. The ACP-100 exam validates the knowledge and skills required to configure, manage, and customize Jira instances to meet the needs of an organization.
The ACP-100 covers a wide range of topics, including user management, project configuration, issue tracking, workflows, and reporting. This exam is developed to test the candidate's ability to configure and manage Jira instances in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of the tool.
Candidates who pass the ACP-100 exam are recognized as certified Jira administrators, demonstrating their expertise in managing Jira instances. They are equipped with the skills to customize Jira to meet the specific needs of their organization, improving collaboration, project management, and issue tracking.
The ACP-100 exam is an ideal certification for Jira administrators, project managers, and developers who use Jira in their day-to-day work. The certification demonstrates to potential employers and clients that the candidate has the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage Jira instances and improve project outcomes.