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The AND-802 exam is designed for individuals looking to validate their knowledge and skills in Android security. This exam is offered by the Global Association of Android Security Professionals (GAASP) and is recognized worldwide by employers as a credible certification in Android security.
The AND-802 exam covers a range of topics, including Android security architecture, secure coding practices, mobile device management, secure communication protocols, and vulnerability assessment. Individuals who successfully pass the exam will be able to demonstrate their proficiency in these areas and will have a deeper understanding of Android security best practices.
The AND-802 Android Security Essentials Exam is ideal for developers, security professionals, and IT professionals who want to specialize in Android security. By obtaining this certification, individuals can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in a rapidly growing field and increase their employment opportunities.
Overall, the AND-802 Android Security Essentials Exam is a valuable certification that demonstrates an individual's knowledge and skills in Android security. Obtaining this certification can help individuals advance their careers and open up new job opportunities.