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The APD01 Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed for individuals seeking to validate their skills and knowledge in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) development. The exam measures the candidate's ability to design, develop, and test Blue Prism processes using industry best practices and Blue Prism's Development Lifecycle methodology.
APD01 cover topics include process design, solution design, development concepts, debugging and exception handling, release management, and platform architecture.
Upon passing the APD01 exam, candidates will earn the prestigious Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer (CPD) credential, which is recognized globally by employers, clients, and industry experts. The certification indicates that the candidate possesses a comprehensive understanding of the Blue Prism platform and has the skills to develop and implement effective RPA solutions.
The APD01 exam is an ideal choice for RPA developers, architects, and consultants who want to demonstrate their expertise in Blue Prism technology. It is also suitable for individuals who want to enhance their career prospects by acquiring a highly sought-after RPA certification. With the APD01 Exam, individuals can showcase their knowledge and skills in the field of RPA development and gain a competitive advantage in the job market.