Question and Answer: 82

The AZ-120 exam is designed to test a candidate's ability to plan and administer Microsoft Azure for SAP workloads. This exam is intended for individuals who have a solid understanding of SAP applications and want to leverage the cloud computing capabilities of Microsoft Azure.
The AZ-120 exam is broken down into several key areas. These include migrating SAP workloads to Azure, deploying and configuring Azure infrastructure for SAP workloads, and managing and securing SAP workloads on Azure. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of Azure services, such as Virtual Machines, Storage, and Networking, as well as their ability to configure and manage SAP systems on Azure.
In order to prepare for the AZ-120 exam, candidates should have a strong understanding of SAP applications and their dependencies, as well as a solid understanding of cloud computing concepts and Microsoft Azure services. They should also be familiar with tools and techniques for migrating and managing SAP workloads in the cloud.
By passing this exam, candidates will be well-equipped to help organizations take advantage of the cloud computing capabilities of Microsoft Azure while leveraging the power of SAP applications.