Question and Answer: 220

The CPA Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate the expertise of aspiring C++ programmers. The exam is conducted by the C++ Institute, a leading provider of C++ certification and training programs.
The CPA exam measures the candidate's understanding of the C++ programming language, including basic syntax, control structures, functions, classes, and templates. The exam also evaluates the candidate's ability to use C++ to solve real-world programming problems and implement common programming tasks.
The CPA exam is suitable for individuals who are new to C++ programming and want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this language. It is also a great way for professionals who work with C++ to validate their expertise and advance their careers. Candidates who pass the exam are awarded the C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CPA) certification.
Overall, the CPA Exam is a valuable credential for anyone who wants to demonstrate proficiency in C++ programming. With this certification, candidates can showcase their skills to potential employers and advance their careers in the exciting field of software development.