Question and Answer: 112

The CSBA Exam is a highly respected certification program that is designed to evaluate and recognize the skills and knowledge of individuals working in the software business analysis field. This exam is offered by the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI) and is intended to measure the competency of professionals in areas such as requirements management, software testing, and project management.
The CSBA certification is aimed at individuals who are involved in the software development life cycle and are responsible for ensuring that software projects are delivered successfully. This includes software business analysts, project managers, quality assurance professionals, and software developers who want to gain a better understanding of the business analysis process.
The CSBA certification is designed to test the candidate's knowledge in areas such as software development methodologies, requirements analysis and management, quality assurance, software testing, project management, and communication skills.
Earning the CSBA certification can provide numerous benefits, including increased job opportunities, career advancement, and higher earning potential. Overall, the CSBA Certified Software Business Analyst Exam is an excellent way for individuals to validate their knowledge and expertise in the software business analysis field.