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CSeT-F Exam is a globally recognized certification exam that verifies the foundational knowledge of individuals in Selenium testing. Selenium is a popular open-source tool used for the automated testing of web applications, and this exam aims to test the understanding of test automation concepts and techniques using Selenium.
The CSeT-F exam is designed to assess the skills and knowledge required to use Selenium effectively for test automation. It covers a range of topics, including basic Selenium concepts, test automation framework, WebDriver API, locating web elements, and testing web applications. The exam is based on the A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation syllabus, which was developed by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).
The CSeT-F certification is ideal for individuals who are new to Selenium testing or have a basic understanding of Selenium and want to enhance their knowledge and skills. It is also beneficial for software testers, quality assurance professionals, test managers, and developers who want to improve their test automation skills using Selenium.
The CSeT-F Exam certification demonstrates the candidate's proficiency in Selenium testing and increases their employability in the software testing industry.