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The DES-2T13 Exam is a comprehensive certification program designed to validate the knowledge and skills of cloud architects who specialize in cloud infrastructure. 
DES-2T13 Exam covers a wide range of topics related to cloud infrastructure, including cloud architecture, virtualization, storage, networking, security, and automation. It is designed to assess a candidate's ability to analyze business requirements, design and implement cloud-based solutions and optimize cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of their organization.
The DES-2T13 Exam is vendor-neutral, which means that it does not focus on any specific cloud platform or technology. Instead, it provides a broad overview of cloud infrastructure concepts and best practices that are applicable to any cloud environment.
Successful candidates will receive the DES-2T13 certification, which demonstrates their expertise in cloud infrastructure and their commitment to ongoing professional development. This certification can help professionals advance their careers in cloud architecture and qualify for more advanced roles, such as cloud solutions architect, cloud infrastructure manager, or cloud security engineer.