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Edition: 3.0

The DP-203 Exam is a certification test that validates an individual's knowledge and skills in designing and implementing data solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. This Exam is intended for data professionals who are responsible for designing and implementing data solutions using Azure data services, such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Stream Analytics.
The DP-203 Exam covers a range of topics related to data engineering on Azure, including designing data storage solutions, implementing data processing solutions, and monitoring and optimizing data solutions. Additionally, the Exam tests candidates' knowledge of data security, compliance, and privacy best practices.
Passing the DP-203 Exam demonstrates that a data professional has a deep understanding of Azure data services and can effectively design and implement data solutions on the platform. DP-203 certification can help individuals advance their careers and increase their earning potential by demonstrating their expertise in data engineering on Microsoft Azure.
Additionally, candidates can benefit from hands-on experience working with Azure data services and by reviewing relevant documentation and case studies.