Question and Answer: 719

Edition: 4.0

The DP-300 Exam is designed for database administrators who want to validate their expertise in administering and managing relational databases on the Microsoft Azure platform. The exam measures the candidate's ability to design, implement, and maintain Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance solutions, as well as implement security, performance tuning, backup and restore, and high availability and disaster recovery solutions.
The DP-300 exam covers a wide range of topics, including deploying and configuring Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance, securing Azure SQL databases, implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions, monitoring and tuning database performance, and performing database maintenance tasks. Additionally, the DP-300 exam tests the candidate's knowledge of using Azure services like Azure Active Directory, Azure Monitor, Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery to administer and manage relational databases on Microsoft Azure.
Passing the DP-300 exam can help validate the candidate's skills and knowledge in administering relational databases on Microsoft Azure and can lead to career advancement opportunities and increased earning potential.