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The DP-900 is a certification exam offered by Microsoft for individuals who are interested in demonstrating their knowledge of foundational data concepts and Microsoft Azure data services. The exam focuses on key Azure data services such as Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Cosmos DB.

The DP-900 exam is intended for individuals who are new to data and want to gain an understanding of data services and their role in cloud computing. This exam is also useful for professionals who work with data in their daily roles, such as data analysts or data engineers.

Successful candidates who pass the DP-900 exam will have demonstrated their ability to understand the following concepts:

  • Core data concepts and data storage options
  • Data processing using Azure data services
  • Data analysis using Azure data services
  • Azure data services and their roles in data management

Overall, the DP-900 exam is a great way for individuals to demonstrate their foundational knowledge of data concepts and Azure data services. It provides a great entry point for those looking to get started with cloud-based data services and also serves as a prerequisite for other Microsoft Azure data certifications.