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The JN0-1302 Exam is a comprehensive certification test designed to validate the knowledge and skills of professionals working in the field of data center design. The Exam covers various aspects of data center design, including planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining data center infrastructure.
The JN0-1302 Exam is intended for individuals who have a strong foundation in networking technologies and are looking to expand their knowledge in data center design.
The JN0-1302 Exam is divided into six sections, which cover topics such as data center design principles, high availability, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, and virtualization.
Candidates who pass the JN0-1302 Exam receive the JNCDS-DC certification, which is a globally recognized credential that demonstrates their expertise in data center design. This certification can help professionals advance their careers by opening up new opportunities for high-level positions in data center design and management.
Overall, the JN0-1302 Exam is an essential certification for professionals looking to advance their careers in data center design. It covers all aspects of data center design and validates the skills and knowledge necessary to design and implement highly available, scalable, and secure data center solutions.