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Edition: 3.0

The MS-700 Exam is a certification exam designed to assess an individual's ability to manage and administer Microsoft Teams, a collaboration and communication platform that is part of the Microsoft 365 tools. This exam is intended for IT professionals who have experience deploying, managing, and configuring Microsoft Teams.
The MS-700 exam cover topics such as managing Teams and channels, configuring Teams settings, and deploying and managing apps within Teams. It also covers topics such as managing users and roles within Teams, monitoring and reporting on Teams' usage, and configuring security and compliance settings.
Candidates who successfully pass the MS-700 exam will have demonstrated their ability to effectively manage and administer Microsoft Teams in a business environment. This certification can be beneficial for IT professionals who are responsible for managing Microsoft Teams within their organization or for individuals who are looking to advance their career in the field of Microsoft 365 administration.
In summary, the MS-700 Exam is an essential certification for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in managing and administering Microsoft Teams. It provides candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage Teams within a business environment.