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Edition: 4.0

The MS-900 Exam is a certification exam that tests an individual's understanding of Microsoft 365 cloud-based services and their overall functionality. This exam is intended for IT professionals and business users who are interested in learning about the cloud-based solutions provided by Microsoft 365.
The MS-900 exam covers topics such as cloud concepts, core Microsoft 365 services, security and compliance features, and the basics of Microsoft 365 pricing and support. By passing this exam, individuals will gain a better understanding of Microsoft 365's cloud-based offerings and their potential benefits for organizations of all sizes.
The MS-900 exam is designed to assess a candidate's ability to identify and explain the benefits of cloud computing, describe the key features and capabilities of Microsoft 365, and demonstrate a basic understanding of cloud security, compliance, privacy, and trust.
The MS-900 Exam is an excellent starting point for individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in cloud computing and Microsoft 365. Passing this exam demonstrates that individuals have the foundational knowledge required to understand how Microsoft 365 can be leveraged to help organizations achieve their goals.