Question and Answer: 133

The OMG-OCUP2-INT200 certification is a professional exam designed for individuals who have a good understanding of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and want to demonstrate their expertise in the subject matter. This exam is aimed at intermediate-level UML practitioners who want to enhance their expertise in modeling complex systems.
The OMG-OCUP2-INT200 exam is an internationally recognized certification that validates the candidate's ability to apply UML concepts to real-world situations. The OMG-OCUP2-INT200 exam covers a range of topics, including UML diagrams, modeling techniques, object-oriented analysis, and design patterns.
Upon passing the OMG-OCUP2-INT200 exam, candidates will receive the OMG-Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2) - Intermediate Level certification. This certification demonstrates the candidate's proficiency in UML modeling and their ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, developers, and other members of the project team.
Overall, the OMG-OCUP2-INT200 certification is a valuable asset for professionals in the software development industry. It showcases their expertise in UML modeling and provides a competitive advantage in the job market.