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The S90-01 Exam is a comprehensive certification exam that measures an individual's understanding and knowledge of Service-Oriented Architecture and Service-Oriented Computing.
The S90-01 exam covers a wide range of topics related to SOA and SOC, including the principles and concepts of service-oriented computing, the benefits of using SOA, the fundamentals of service-orientation design, and the different types of services and service compositions. It also covers essential concepts such as service contracts, service governance, service lifecycle, and service-oriented solution delivery.
The S90-01 exam is designed for professionals who are interested in understanding the basics of SOA and SOC, regardless of their job roles. It is also suitable for software architects, developers, project managers, and business analysts who work on projects that involve designing and implementing service-oriented solutions.
The S90-01 exam is an excellent way to demonstrate their understanding of SOA and SOC concepts and principles and to validate their skills and knowledge to potential employers.