Question and Answer: 91

The S90-02 Exam is a comprehensive certification designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their skills and proficiency in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology concepts. The exam measures the candidate's knowledge of SOA concepts, principles, design patterns, and best practices. It is ideal for professionals who work with SOA solutions or those who are planning to adopt SOA in their organization.
The S90-02 Exam covers a broad range of topics, including SOA architecture, web services, XML, service composition, service governance, and SOA security. It tests the candidate's ability to design, develop, deploy, and manage SOA solutions in a variety of scenarios.
The certification obtained from passing the S90-02 Exam demonstrates to employers and clients that the individual has a solid foundation in SOA technology concepts and can apply them to real-world situations. It is an excellent way for individuals to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market and advance their careers in the SOA industry.
The S90-02 Exam is offered by the SOA Certified Professional program, which is recognized globally as a leading certification program in the SOA industry. The program is designed to provide professionals with a comprehensive and vendor-neutral understanding of SOA technology concepts, practices, and standards.