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The S90.04 Exam is a comprehensive test designed to assess an individual's knowledge and skills in service-oriented architecture (SOA) project delivery and methodology. The Exam is targeted toward professionals who are involved in the development and implementation of SOA-based systems, including architects, designers, developers, project managers, and business analysts.
The S90.04 Exam covers a broad range of topics related to SOA project delivery and methodology, including understanding the key principles and concepts of SOA, developing an SOA project plan, designing and modeling SOA-based systems, implementing and testing SOA-based systems, and managing the SOA project lifecycle.
Candidates who successfully pass the S90.04 Exam will demonstrate a deep understanding of SOA project delivery and methodology and will be able to apply this knowledge to real-world situations. They will also be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders and team members, manage project resources, and deliver high-quality SOA-based systems that meet business requirements.
Overall, the S90.04 SOA Project Delivery & Methodology Exam is a valuable credential for professionals who are looking to advance their careers in the field of SOA project delivery and methodology.