Question and Answer: 40

The S90.05 Exam is a certification exam designed to evaluate the proficiency of individuals in the implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based systems using advanced technologies. This Exam is designed for professionals who possess a deep understanding of SOA concepts and technologies and are seeking to demonstrate their expertise in the practical application of these concepts.
The S90.05 Exam covers a wide range of topics related to SOA, including the design and implementation of service contracts, service-oriented solution logic, service component architecture, and message exchange patterns. It also covers key technologies such as SOAP, REST, XML, and JSON, as well as web services and APIs.
To successfully pass the S90.05 Exam, candidates must demonstrate their ability to apply SOA concepts and technologies to real-world scenarios. They must be able to design and implement service contracts that meet specific business requirements, implement messaging patterns to ensure reliable communication between services and design service-oriented solutions that are scalable and maintainable.
Upon successfully passing the S90.05 Exam, candidates will receive a certification that demonstrates their expertise in implementing SOA-based systems using advanced technologies.