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The S90.08 Exam is a comprehensive certification exam that assesses an individual's expertise in designing and implementing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions. This Exam is designed to validate the skills and knowledge required to excel in roles such as SOA architect, technical lead, and senior developer.
The S90.08 Exam covers a wide range of topics related to SOA design and architecture, including service modeling, service-oriented analysis, service design, service infrastructure, and service governance. The Exam also assesses an individual's knowledge of emerging SOA technologies, such as microservices, containers, and cloud-based architectures.
The S90.08 Exam is a rigorous, performance-based assessment that requires candidates to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Successful candidates will demonstrate their ability to design and implement complex SOA solutions that meet business requirements and are scalable, reliable, and secure.
Overall, the S90.08 Advanced SOA Design & Architecture Exam is an essential certification for anyone who wants to advance their career in the rapidly growing field of SOA and microservices architecture.