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The TFINFRIXM1012 Exam is a comprehensive test designed to assess the technical knowledge and expertise of individuals in integrating Finacle, a banking software, with various systems and applications. The TFINFRIXM1012 Exam covers a range of topics related to Finacle integration, including the Finacle Integration Framework, Finacle Web Services, Finacle Enterprise Service Bus, and Finacle Integration Architecture.
The Exam requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to configure, deploy, and test Finacle integration solutions. The Exam also tests candidates' understanding of various Finacle integration components, including Finacle Integration Server, Finacle Connector for Oracle Service Bus, and Finacle Adapter for JMS.
The TFINFRIXM1012 is ideal for individuals who work with Finacle integration on a daily basis, such as Finacle developers, Finacle integration architects, and Finacle solution architects. Successfully passing the Exam demonstrates a candidate's proficiency in Finacle integration and is recognized by leading banks and financial institutions worldwide.
Overall, the TFINFRIXM1012 Exam is an excellent opportunity for Finacle professionals to validate their skills and knowledge and take their careers to the next level.