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The TM12 Exam is a certification program designed for individuals who wish to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and skills in managing and leading software testing projects. The certification is offered by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and the British Computer Society (BCS) and is globally recognized.
The TM12 Exam is based on the latest version of the ISTQB Test Manager Syllabus (2012) and covers a wide range of topics such as test planning, test monitoring and control, risk management, and test team leadership.
By passing this Exam, individuals will gain a thorough understanding of the key principles and best practices in software testing management. They will also be able to effectively plan, monitor, and control testing activities, as well as manage risks and communicate with stakeholders. TM12 certification is ideal for experienced test managers, project managers, and quality assurance professionals who want to enhance their career prospects and demonstrate their expertise in software testing management.
Overall, the TM12 Exam is a comprehensive and rigorous certification program that will help individuals advance their careers in software testing management and stand out in a competitive job market.