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Edition: 3.0

The VCS-278 Exam is a certification exam that verifies an individual's ability to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 environments. The Exam is designed to evaluate the skills and knowledge required to become a Veritas Certified Specialist in NetBackup administration.
This Exam is targeted toward IT professionals who are responsible for managing Veritas NetBackup environments, including backup and recovery, storage, and networking. The VCS-278 Exam covers a range of topics, including installation, configuration, and management of backup and recovery operations, troubleshooting and optimization, and integration with other technologies.
VCS-278 certification demonstrates an individual's ability to effectively manage and maintain Veritas NetBackup environments, providing organizations with confidence in their IT staff's ability to ensure data protection and backup and recovery operations. Successful completion of this certification can lead to career advancement opportunities and improved job prospects in the IT industry.
Overall, the VCS-278 Exam is a valuable certification for those who want to validate their skills in Veritas NetBackup administration and enhance their career prospects in the backup and recovery domain.